Friday, October 16, 2009

So, I've just returned from a holiday. Which is unusual for two reasons. The first, because I'm a mother of two young boys and the word "holiday" hasn't been part of my vocabulary for the last three plus years. Secondly, because instead of returning with the need to sit on my butt and recuperate, I've come back with a proverbial fire under it. Due mostly, I think, to a cracker of a movie I saw when I was away (in Gold Class, no less...)

I was really hoping to see Up, but due to terrible signposting at the Melbourne Crown Casino, managed to arrive only in time for Julie and Julia. As it turns out, wine, dinner and a Magnum ice-cream seem to enhance any viewing experience...

In this movie, "Julie", an aspiring writer stuck in a thankless job, sets herself a challenge: to cook her way through the entire 524 recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Childs... and starts a blog to make herself "accountable" for this. Had a chat about being accountable with a Melbournian friend of mine, and thought I might give it a try myself.

I don't tell many people that I have self-published a picture book, for various reasons. For those very same reasons I haven't told many people that I was awarded a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors, to work with an editor on a Young Adult manuscript I've sequestered away in the cupboard. My babies have severely hampered work on this, and the official mentor time period of one year has passed many times over. I'm just totally thankful that I happened to choose an editor who is a mother herself, or perhaps just a very kind person. Whatever her motivation, she has left the door to her postbox ajar for me to send through my manuscript "whenever it is completed". Unfortunately, "whenever" isn't really working for me. The rest of my life keeps getting in the way.

So I'm going to take a leaf out of "Julie's" book, and become accountable. To myself. And to whomever happens to read this. I now endow you with the ability to have a go at me about how much I've done lately. Okay? Thanks.

Number 2 son waking now. Must go and think more on the next step while I change nappies and figure out how to entertain him in 35-degree heat when Puss popped the paddle pool last night...

*As an aside... I personally know two Julie's and two Julia's... all of whom I admire greatly, for different reasons. Will no doubt be referring to some of these fabulous women in a future post. :-)

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