Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breaking Dawn

I've achieved a lot this week! Hurrah! Started swimming lessons with Number One Son, hung some pictures for my mum, enrolled Number Two Son in daycare for next year, embarked on a new diet, squeezed in a couple of gym sessions, made some invitations for my brother's 30th birthday and did some research for his present (no clues, Bro!). 

You may note, though, that none of this list has anything to do with working on my manuscript...

I have done some mental planning - does that count? Let's say, for the sake of my sanity and my blog, that it does. My list of things to do, in order to get me into the right 'space' is now:
  1. Finish reading final book of Twilight series (bizarrely enough, there are NO MORE books in my 'to read' cabinet, which never happens. I really want to read The Time Traveller's Wife next, but I'm refusing to allow myself to buy it before I have achieved steps 2 and 3)
  2. Fish out manuscript from the drawer and read it from start to finish
  3. Read all editor's notes on aforementioned manuscript

Yes, I managed to figure all that out in just one tiny week. How brilliant of me. (Not.)

I estimate it will take me no more than two weeks to finish the rather hefty tome on my bedside table, and then the gloves are off. Preparation for my next bout shall begin...

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