Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free time comes at a price...

It's quiet in the house right now, which I do love, but I'm getting an attack of the guilts. Mummy Guilt, perhaps, or just the plain old regular kind.

Number One Son is off at his first afternoon Kindy session, which just happens to coincide with Number Two Son's nap time. And so here I sit on the couch, playing Scrabble, checking emails, and playing around with blogs. Already conscious of the fact that next week begins Number Two Son's day care roster, and I will be the grateful receiver of more two-hour sessions of doing whatever-the-hell-I-want. (Technically, I'm supposed to be gainfully employed for at least part of this time, in order to justify the hefty fees, but there's so many more things screaming for my attention.)

Will I be a 'proper writer' and take every available moment I can scrounge to dive head first into my almost-forgotten manuscript? Or will the call of a new business set-up take priority? Or maybe I'll finish reading the bootleg Midnight Sun draft (by Twilight's Stephenie Meyer) that a friend emailed me. Yes, I think that definitely wins. All in the name of research, of course...

(What I can tell you for sure is that unless Julia and Tracy don't stop kicking my butt, I will need to invest a lot more time in Scrabble!)

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  1. Karen, it as amazing how quickly time runs away from us. Raising the kids, working, renovating, socializing, scrabbling... our lives are filled with many useful and not so useful things, and when we reflect back on it, most of it is a blurred memory. My advice to you... do what ever you feel like. Its your time to enjoy anyway you choose...without the guilt. You are worthy of self time, so go one and make the most of it.... even it is to have your hide thrashed in scrabble!